This is a list of publications and other resources that provide some insight into material characterization in nanotoxicology studies, including resources that fed into the October 28-29 workshop.

Warheit, D. B. (2008). How Meaningful are the Results of Nanotoxicity Studies in the Absence of Adequate Material Characterization? Toxicol. Sci. 101:183-185. [Link to article]

Powers, K. W., Brown, S. C., Krishna, V. B., Wasdo, S. C., Moudgil, B. M. and Roberts, S. M. (2006). Research Strategies for Safety Evaluation of Nanomaterials. Part VI. Characterization of Nanoscale Particles for Toxicological Evaluation. Toxicol. Sci. 90:296-303. [Link to article]

Oberdörster, G., Maynard, A., Donaldson, K., Castranova, V., Fitzpatrick, J., Ausman, K., Carter, J., Karn, B., Kreyling, W., Lai, D., Olin, S., Monteiro-Riviere, N., Warheit, D. and Yang, H. (2005). Principles for characterizing the potential human health effects from exposure to nanomaterials: elements of a screening strategy. Part. Fiber Toxicol. 2:doi:10.1186/1743-8977-1182-1188. [Link to article]

Please feel free to email in suggestions for additional resources, or add them to the comments below (all suggestions will be moderated before inclusion)


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