People and organizations on this list have expressed an interest in raising the quality of nanomaterial physicochemical characterization in nanotoxicology studies, and a recognition that the minimum information for nanomaterial characterization posted here is an important step in the right direction.

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MINChar Initiative Interest Group

Rob Aitken, IOM
Brenda Barry, American Chemistry Council
BASF Corporation
Kathryn Benedict, University of Illinois
Darrell Boverhof, The Dow Chemical Company
Rick Canady, Food and Drug Administration
Bob Carr, NanoSight
Sylvia Chan Remillard, HydroQual
Tao Chen, FDA
Shaun Clancy, Evonik Industries
Charles Clifford, NPL, UK
Vicki Colvin, ICON
Raymond David, BASF Corporation
J. Michael Davis, EPA
Kapal Dewan, FDA
Rockford K. Draper
Shareen H. Doak, University of Swansea
Teresa Fernandes, Napier University
Sarah Gerhardt
Greg Goss, University of Alberta
Samia Guccione, Stanford University
Bill Gulledge, American Chemistry Council
Maureen R. Gwinn, EPA
Mary L. Haasch, EPA
Stacey L. Harper, ONAMI
Martin Hassellöv, University of Gothenburg
Angela Hight Walker, NIST
Dave Hobson, Nanotox
Laura Hodson, NIOSH
Mark Hoover, NIOSH
Keith Houck, EPA
Dr.Neale Jackson, RMIT
Zhaoxia Ji
Dr. Tao Jiang
Steve Klaine, Clemson University
Fred Klaessig , Pennsylvania Bio Nano Systems
Michael J. Kosnett, University of Colorado Denver
Wolfgang Kreyling, GSF
John P. LaFemina, Battelle
Emily Lesher, Colorado School of Mines
Christopher Long, Gradient
James Luo, NIH
Luigi Manzo, University of Pavia, Italy
Andrew Maynard, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
Heather McShane, McGill
Tracey A Newman
Günter Oberdörster, University of Rochester
Anil Patri, Nanotechnology Characterization Laboratory
Martin Philbert, University of Michigan
Dale W. Porter, NIOSH
Ryne P. Raffaelle, Director of the NanoPower Research Labs at the Rochester Institute of Technology
K S Ramchander Rao
James F Ranville
Aaron Roberts, University of North Texas
Steve Roberts, University of Florida
Jo Anne Shatkin,
Jan Simak, FDA
Dr. Charanjeet Singh, Nanotechnology Industries Association
Vicki Stone, Napier University
Geoffrey Sunahara, National Research Council Canada
Scott Thurmond, FDA
Charles Tong
Lang Tran, IOM
Jason Unrine, University of Kentucky
John Veranth, University of Utah
Nigel Walker, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)
David Warheit, DuPont
Mark Wiesner, Duke University/CEINT (Center for Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology